Do People Sell or Buy During the Holidays?

The answer is YES!


Most people believe everyone has too much going on with family gatherings, vacations, or shopping to be looking for a home. That isn’t always the case many continue their search even through these busy months. We have put together some reason why you should keep or start selling/ buying this holiday season.

 5 Reasons for Buying

  1. Less Competition. Most people don’t start looking to seriously move until spring. This means less people will be putting in offers on homes. You won’t have to worry as much that the home of your dreams will fall into a bidding war.
  2. Faster home approvals. Lenders are less busy during the holiday season allowing them to help you faster. There are mortgage officers who are driven to help one more person before the year closes out.
  3. Economic Benefits. A cyclical trend of lower interest rates tends to happen due to the limited demand. There are also tax benefits to owning a home you may be able to take advantage of. If you meet the IRS requirements you can deduct real estate taxes .
  4. Holiday Time Off. Most get to enjoy a few extra days off during the holiday season. Shorter work weeks might help you find the time to look at homes. Also with the holidays some are out of town leaving their home open for showings at any time.  
  5. Family in town. Everyone tends to have that one relative they trust to help them make the best decision possible. The holidays increases the chance they are in town and able to views homes with you.

5 Reasons for Selling

  1. Less Competition.  Most new sellers will wait till after the holidays which means during these months inventory is low. This allows your home to be seen more frequently by serious buyers. When the new year starts and spring gets closer your home could get buried with the dozens of other homes.
  2. Serious Buyers. If they are willing to find time for a showing during these months it usually means they are serious. Most won’t go out into the winter weather unless they have to, so remember to have your home cozy and warm when they arrive.
  3. Buyers are always looking. Thanks to technology people can always find time to look for homes online. Here at F.C. Tucker Malcolm & Schlueter we have an amazing website that is used constantly by buyers. Your home will go on our website and we will share it so everyone who is looking will see it.
  4. New Year, New Job, New Home. Many companies will have an employee start at the beginning of the year. This means if they need to move they have to move. These buyers don’t get the luxury of waiting till spring. They will be house hunting with a purpose and wanting to get it done.
  5. Homes have never looked better. The holidays mean festive decorations! Neighborhoods will look more inviting when they are decorated for Christmas. Having your Christmas decorations out will make buyers feel more at home and make your home look more appealing. Another great perk, your home is organized and cleaned already thanks to having holiday guest.     

If you still have questions about the holiday season but do want to buy or sell let us help. F.C. Malcolm & Schlueter agents won’t slow down on you because it is the holiday. Feel free to call us (260) 233-0800 or go to our website!

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