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Bobby Perry
Bobby Perry REALTOR®/Associate Broker
107 West Market Street
Bluffton, IN 46714

Bobby Perry REALTOR®/Associate Broker

I was born and raised in Bluffton and love this small town. I graduated from Bluffton High School and went to college for a few years until I got a job working for the Post Office as a letter carrier. After close to six years with the post office in Bluffton, I found my passion in Real Estate and made the decision to do this full time, working with the great company of F.C. Tucker/Malcolm & Schlueter Realtors® because of their commitment to their clients and their Realtors® associated with them.

I am a high school wrestling coach in the area and one thing I have learned during all my years of coaching is that with patience and persistence, anything can be accomplished. I am committed to doing what is best for my clients and making sure that their real estate dreams can become a reality. One of my strengths is communication. Through every step of buying or selling your home, you can rely on me to stay in touch and keep you informed. My goal is for all my clients to find their dream home and it is my passion to help them find and secure their dreams. Honesty, loyalty, and respect are cornerstones not only in my Real Estate career but also in my everyday life. I promise to work as hard as I can to achieve the success my clients expect.

25 Things you Don't know about me:

1.     I was born and grew up in Bluffton.
2.     I have been married to my beautiful wife for just over a year.
3.     Before becoming a Real Estate Agent, I worked as a mailman for the United States Postal Service in Bluffton for close to 6 years so I know a lot about Bluffton and the surrounding areas.
4.     When I am not working, I like to spend time with my two Boxers, Axel and Trigg, and my wife Allison.
5.     I love to travel and have traveled to 35 of the 50 states but have never been to the north east of the U.S.
6.     I was scared to leave the country until I was 25 years old and then I went to the Dominican Republic. Now I want to travel all over!
7. I coach high school wrestling at Adams Central and have since I was 19 years old.
8. I love to learn! History is my favorite subject to learn about and I even thought about being a history teacher because of it.
9.My favorite drink is Diet Pepsi.
10. I am a super hard worker and am extremely competitive.
11. I love to dress up in nice clothes and would be completely comfortable in a suit every day.
12. I am married to a probation officer in Bluffton.
13. I have broken my nose 6 times, all during wrestling practices.
14. My favorite shows on t.v. are the superhero shows because I am still a kid at heart.
15. I am an avid Florida Gators fan and must watch every game on t.v. or in person from start to finish or I don’t think they will win.
16. My extreme Florida Gators fandom has even led to a Florida Gators tattoo.
17. I treat my dogs like my children and would take them everywhere if I were allowed.
18. My favorite food is pizza with chicken wings being an extremely close 2nd.
19. I originally started college to be a medical doctor and even had a Certified Nursing Assistant’s license.
20. I love to play video games but they take up too much time.
21. I am an extreme dog lover, but as a mailman, I had to pepper spray 13 different dogs. It is true what they say about dogs hating mailmen!!
22. My wife’s sister is a missionary in Thailand and my wife and I hope to travel to see her soon.
23. My dream vacation would be to go to Rome and see all the historic landmarks there.
24. My favorite part about being an agent is going through new houses because I am fascinated by how houses are built.
25. I always strive for perfection in everything I do.

By Cynthia
“Bobby was the best. He was always professional, courteous, kind and knowledgeable. His recommendations regarding the home inspector was tops.”