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Cathie Peterson
Cathie Peterson REALTOR®/Associate Broker
107 West Market Street
Bluffton, IN 46714

Cathie Peterson REALTOR®/Associate Broker

Cathie Peterson comes to us with a strong background in customer service. She spent many years as a Restaurant Manager and then 8 years building a clientele as a Fort Wayne hairstylist. At the end of every day, Cathie feels like helping people is the most precious gift she can give.

Real Estate has always been an interest of Cathie's and she feels blessed to be able to work the amazing group at FC Tucker Malcolm and Schlueter.

Cathie lives in Bluffton with her husband of 15 years, Matt, and their kids Jakob, Sam, Sawyer and Ben.

25 Things you don't know about me

1. I have been a Jesus follower since I was 16
2. My husband supports every crazy idea I have
3. I have been a Group Exercise Instructor for 6 years
4. My favorite workout is Power Yoga
5. I had 4 kids in 5 years
6. I am happiest on vacation
7. I love a nice hot summer
8. I love to eat (especially food that others have prepared!)
9. I ran a half marathon one time and decided I liked myself too much to ever do that again
10. I call or text my mom every single day (except when she's on vacation)
11. I am very social and don't know a stranger
12. Every time I go on vacation, I see someone I know whether it's at an airport or in a gas station bathroom
13. I use to be addicted to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I needed a 12 step program
14. I am not competitive with others, only myself
15. I lock my kids out of the car and make them dance to get back in
16. I love music... all kinds. Except punk, it gives me anxiety
17. I have a small addiction to hair product
18. I have 2 older sisters
19. I grew up in Roanoke, IN
20. I watch reruns of The Office every night while I fall asleep
21. I struggle with quiet and silence... I get awkward and talk too much about nonsense
22. I've had 2 bicycles run into my non moving vehicle, 2 different times
23. I hate cleaning
24. My favorite movie is 16 Candles
25. I love to stay busy

By Jacqueline
I liked how professional she was, and the attention she gave making sure the process went as smoothly as possible.