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Daniel Braun
Daniel Braun Realtor®
618 S. Harrison Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Daniel Braun Realtor®

25 Facts:

1. I have been married to my wife, Brooke, for almost 5 years.
2. I have 3 kids that mean the world to me.
3. I am huge Chicago Cubs fan.
4. We have 2 cats, Bryzzo and Dino.
5. I've been to Peru, South America, where I visited Machu Picchu and many small villages along the Andes Mountains.
6. My favorite food is pizza.
7. In 1999 I was a bat kid for the Chicago Cubs.  I got tot see the locker room, meet the players, and walk on Wrigley Field! I have autograghs of almost every member of that Cubs team.
8. I have been to 4 MLB stadiums. I hope to visit all 30 at some point.
9. I am the middle of 3 kids; I have 2 sisters.
10. I was born in Toledo, OH. Moved to Auburn, IN at the age of 3. I stayed in Auburn until I meet my wife.
11. I got to hold/wear Tony Dungy's Super Bowl ring at one of his book signings. 
12. I sprained my ankle cheering on the Colts during their come from behind victory in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots in 2007.
13. My Great-Grandma is 95.  Giving us 5 generations of Braun's!
14. I love Disney movies; favorite of all-time is The Lion King.
15. My family likes to go camping.
16. In our own attempt to reenact Home Alone my sister pushed me down the stairs in a tote.
17. I was in Chicago when the Cubs played in the the World Series.  For game 4 we were at a pizza place watching the game. For game 5 we watched outside the Wirgley Field Marquee on our phones.  Cubs winning Game 5 was by far my favorite moment as a Cubs  fan (until game 7).
18.  My middle child went through a phase of loving dinosaurs. Which now has me addicted to the Jurassic World Alive game (basically Pokemon Go but with dinosaurs)
19. Ron Swanson (from Parks and Rec) is my favorite fictional character.
20. I meet my wife while working at Chase.
21. Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I decorate my house in nearly 10,000 lights every year.
22. I am terrified of birds.
23. I once got fleas from showing a house. 
24. My dream vacation would be in an RV traveling out west without an itinerary, just stopping to see what we wanted when we wanted. And taking as long as we wanted.
25. Family time is my favorite time.