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Jessica Brookmyer
Jessica Brookmyer REALTOR®/Associate Broker
618 S. Harrison Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Jessica Brookmyer REALTOR®/Associate Broker

Before becoming a Realtor®, I worked in the medical field. My strongest passion has been and always will be helping others. There is no greater satisfaction to me than putting a smile on other’s faces and knowing I’ve done my job well. Customer service and satisfaction is my number one goal in this business, throughout every deal and with every client. My attention to detail and organization will help to make sure the process of both buying and selling homes is as smooth as possible for my clients. Communication is another personal goal of mine in making sure that my clients are aware of and understand every step of the process along the way, as well as feel comfortable throughout each and every transaction. After all, this isn’t just a house. It’s your home.


  1. I hate being late for anything.
  2. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and generally laugh at all of my own jokes.
  3. My taste in music is all over the place. Other than heavy metal, I can get down to just about anything but I've always got to be listening to something.
  4. I’m a type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed at age 15 and it put a real damper on my sweet tooth.
  5. The list of places I want to travel to is endless.
  6. Notre Dame football is really the only football I enjoy watching and actually care about.
  7. I cook best while drinking wine (or so I tend to think).
  8. I think I will probably always enjoy sleeping in, even when I’m 70 plus years old.
  9. I’m sort of a neat freak and can’t stand messy spaces. My friends and family would probably go as far as labeling me borderline OCD.
  10. Sort of a perfectionist.
  11. Even now, I still go to my Dad for advice before making any big/important decisions.
  12. Fruit snacks or any gummy candy are my guilty pleasure.
  13. I put my Christmas decorations up way too early every year.
  14. Top Gun is the only “older” movie I’ve ever enjoyed watching.
  15. I love old farm houses that have been restored but still have that old rustic/vintage charm.
  16. I enjoy clay pigeon shooting with all the men in my family.
  17. In third grade I donated 12 inches of my hair to Locks of Love and it was the biggest mistake of my life..only because it's never grown to that length since.
  18. Much like my mother, I prefer to be barefoot rather than in shoes.
  19. I grew up camping with my family all the time and still love to but I’ll be the first to complain about the bugs.
  20. That being said, spiders disgust me more than anything on Earth.
  21. Scary movies are my favorite, though I’m the biggest scaredy-cat when they're over.
  22. Before becoming a realtor, I worked in the OR where I specialized in orthopedics.
  23. I love garlic everything.
  24. I have two nieces and a nephew whom I enjoy spoiling 99% of the time.
  25. I love complimenting people. You never know just how much such a simple gesture can improve someone's day.
By Andrew & Sarah K.
HUGE thank you to F.C. Tucker/Malcolm & Schlueter Realtors and Jessica Brookmyer for all of her hard work in getting us to this point and through the purchase of our new home! If anyone is looking to buy or sell a home in NE Indiana, hit up Jessica Brookmyer. She was outstanding!!
By Fred & Jennie R.
My husband took a new job which required us to move to Indiana. We were so fortunate to have Jessica Brookmyer as our agent to help us find a new home in our new city of Fort Wayne. Jessica is so personable and we connected right away. She listened to us and ensured we found the perfect house. She was so flexible and worked around our schedules to show us various houses. Once we found our home she always made time so we could go and see it whenever we wanted. Jessica was with us from start to closing and added personal touches to make our closing a special day. She continues to check in on us to make sure our transition continues to move smoothly. Jessica has given us so many recommendations for place to go, great restaurants, hair salons etc., and we appreciate that as we are still learning our new town. We were so lucky to have her as our realtor and would highly recommend her to our family and friends!