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Kelly York
Kelly York REALTOR®/ Associate Broker
The Oswalt Team
269 Duesenberg
Auburn, IN 46706

Kelly York REALTOR®/ Associate Broker

After teaching at a public elementary school for 6 years and acting as Executive Director of a preschool in Auburn, IN, Kelly found her passion for working with people leading her to serve the community in a different capacity. As a former educator, Kelly’s mission is to create a comfortable, well-informed environment for each client. She is hard-working and excited to help educate the community on the buying and selling of property. Because she is a proponent of proactive communication, Kelly strives to make each real estate transaction well understood by clients, so whether you are buying or selling real estate for personal or investment reasons, Kelly’s goal is to help you close the transaction with ease.


  1. I love to sing, but only when I am alone. When my kids hear me, they always tell me to stop… that’s enough.
  2. I LOVE to read. I just don’t have enough time in the day.
  3. I can’t watch movies that involve large bodies of water. Even though I knew the end result, watching ‘Titanic’ was tough!
  4. I taught fourth grade for six years in the East Noble school district.
  5. I know more about sports than what I let on. My family thinks I am totally in the dark!
  6. I have three kids and two step kids.
  7. I never saw ‘The Wizard of Oz’ until I was 27 years old.
  8. My parents never took me to see any Disney movies, but I saw ‘Poltergiest’ (at six years of age), ‘Yentil,’ and ‘Chariots of Fire.’ Not good for a little kid!
  9. I LOVE to run- I have run in five Indy mini-marathons. I had to quit when I had back surgery in 2012.
  10. I could live on chocolate and coffee.
  11. I met Oprah Winfrey when I sat in the audience during the taping of her show.
  12. I was on ‘Good Morning America’ (in the background) and met Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson. They are all really tall!
  13. My favorite store to shop at in Auburn in Lynn Marie's.
  14. I attended high school with NBA star Brad Miller.
  15. My kids love the Colts football team. We named our Golden Retriever after the former quarterback, Peyton Manning.
  16. I really dislike cooking. I would eat out every night!!
  17. I don’t watch much TV, but I don't like to miss Good Morning America.
  18. I don’t like long bridges.
  19. I have watched every episode of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ many times. Classic show!
  20. I LOVE John Mellencamp. I intend to meet him someday.
  21. I graduated from East Noble High School and IPFW.
  22. I really like camping.  I hate to leave my blow dryer behind, but it's worth it!
  23. Though I don’t go often, I really enjoy down-hill skiing.
  24. One of my favorite things to do is to paint- walls, not pictures! I love to do the trim work.
  25. I have had numerous different types of jobs in my adult life, but all involve people. I really enjoy meeting and establishing relationships with people.
By Greg
“Dave Clark worked very hard to ensure we had a great experience selling our existing home and buying our new home. A++ service!!”
By Camarie
“Everyone was kind and helpful.” – (Treva)
By Larry Williams
Larry Williams, I appreciate the chance to share our extremely positive experience, while using Dave Clark as our F.C.Tucker representative. Dave went far beyond the average sales agent; in that, he helped us not only sell our hot tub but also our tanning bed. He not only advertised, and secured buyers, but handled all of the logistics necessary to remove them from our property. Beyond that, Dave went above and beyond, in that he scheduled multiple Open Houses almost immediately after securing our listing; and sold the house in very short manner.