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Laura Stieber
Laura Stieber REALTOR®/Associate Broker
618 S. Harrison Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Laura Stieber REALTOR®/Associate Broker

25 Things About Me

1) I am the eldest of 4 siblings—two sisters and two brothers.
2) I raised 2 boys of my own. I also helped raise 2 more boys and a girl. I love each one of them very much.
3) I originally worked for Saint Joseph Hospital/Fort Wayne for years and had considered becoming a nurse.
4) I then worked for the USPS for 17 years.
5) I was once a Fort Wayne Derby Girl and went by the name ‘Hot Shot Mama’.
6) I love to laugh.
7) I have a passion for helping others and making the world a better place.
8) I try to keep up on current events and new scientific discoveries.
9) I am taller than the average woman, which generally makes shopping for clothes a nightmare.
10) I don’t like high heels or clothes that bind. They make me grouchy.
11) I love art—especially photography-- and try to make most of my Christmas presents.
12) I used to take photographs for local bands to practice using my SLR cameras.
13) I never learned to use a sewing machine, paint on canvas in any skilled sense, or do basic woodworking. This bothers me!
14) I love gardening and growing my own vegetables.
15) I have been experimenting with creating a healthier diet. My latest endeavors are growing sprouts from seed and making green shakes. I plan on trying my hand at brewing Kombucha soon.
16) I love learning DIY tricks.
17) Fall is my favorite season.
18) I love to travel by train.  I have ridden Amtrak to both coasts multiple times and down as far as Miami and New Orleans.
19) I love scary movies and Halloween. I have traveled to various ‘haunted’ spots, but have never experienced anything unusual. Darn-it.
20) I once accidentally crashed BB King’s birthday bash at the Hard Rock Café in Chicago. He walked right past me. I didn’t realize it was him.
21) I have taken quite a few trips on the back of my boyfriend’s Harley. The longest one so far was to Colorado.
22) I go pheasant hunting in Iowa with my boyfriend every year. However, the only thing I shoot with is a camera.
23) Some of my favorite places to visit so far have been along Florida’s Gulf coast. Oil spills, toxic run off and hurricanes make my heart hurt.
24) I have never traveled outside of the US (other than a short jaunt over the Canadian border with my family as a kid). It is a goal of mine to change this!
25) I was blessed to have met historian Studs Terkel at a book signing event about a year before he died. He told me he remembered witnessing (as a young boy) my kids’ paternal great-grandfather (a well-known Chicago soap box orator) in action and said he remembered him as an ‘eloquent speaker’.