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Melissa Malcolm Operations Manager
Melissa Malcolm Operations Manager Broker/Owner
Malcolm & Schlueter Team
618 S. Harrison Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Melissa Malcolm Operations Manager Broker/Owner

Thanks to her previous career as a mortgage executive, Melissa Schlueter offers clients detailed expertise on the financial side of real estate transactions. She is committed to utilizing her strengths and experiences to be a powerful advocate for her clients throughout every step of the process. Her fresh approach is based on service and integrity and she takes a personal interest in clients that extends beyond business to helping them achieve their goals. Away from the office, Melissa enjoys participating in her two kids’ academic and sports activities.

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

  1. I love to Karoke and I think I sound pretty good!
  2. I still get nervous before a listing appointment.
  3. I have no sense of direction, which is bad when you sell real estate.
  4. I still talk to my mom every day, sometimes two or three times.
  5. I have two brothers, one that is seven years younger and one that is seven years older.
  6. I’m addicted to The Bachelor and The Kardashians.  A psychiatrist could have a field day.
  7. I still love to sleep in at the age of 40.
  8. I love wearing high heels.
  9. My favorite movie to this day is Dirty Dancing.
  10. If I had more time I would work out.
  11. I’m a natural brunette.
  12. I hate road trips, prefer to fly.
  13. I did mortgages before I sold Real Estate.
  14. My dad owned a large fence company for 42 years.
  15. I had children so I don’t have to pay an IT guy to fix my computer.
  16. I taught Corey Malcolm how to text and he has not stopped since.
  17. I crave sweets in the middle of the night. Once I had 12 miniature cupcakes at 3 am.
  18. I was named Melissa after a soap opera actress.
  19. I use words that I grew up thinking were in the English Dictionary.
  20. I had the same dental hygienist for 35 years.
  21. My family physician today is who brought me into this world 40 years ago. Scary!
  22. I love to cook and entertain.
  23. I love old people. Would love to work in a nursing home.
  24. I have two amazing daughters. A red head and brunette.
  25. If I make it to 90 I plan to celebrate my birthday in Venice Florida with a glass of wine and a cigarette. Just one! :)