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Robert Maina IT Specialist
Robert Maina IT Specialist IT Specialist
618 S. Harrison Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Robert Maina IT Specialist IT Specialist

25 Things You Don't Know About Me!

1. I'm not sure if I've 25 things, but will try.

2. I tried four major's before I settled for IT.

3. I have four kids two of each.

4. I am scared of motorcycles.

5. I wanted to be like my dad so bad that I moved to America chasing his footsteps.

6. I am the dumbest in my family, everybody else is a genius.

7. I'm afraid of teachers, my mom was one but I love her to death.

8. Played basketball in high school, sucked in soccer though that's what I really wanted but wasn't fast enough to make the team.

9.My dad is my hero and role model.

10. I love technology, Python is my favorite language. Linux is my favorite Operating System.

11. I go to bed late usually I'm up coding or learning something new.

12. Long before the warrior's won their second title I was a fun.

13. Followed Steph Curry since he was in college.

14. I dream of changing the world one day, either through technology or charity.

15. I can stay behind my desktop for two days, wife get's mad sometimes when I spend that much time on a computer.

16. To be continued.