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Stephanie Ramsey
Stephanie Ramsey REALTOR®/Associate Broker
618 S. Harrison Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Stephanie Ramsey REALTOR®/Associate Broker

25 Things About Me:
I speak German. (the basics, took 3yrs)
From the country, farmer's daughter
I enjoy watching Horse Racing
I have two brothers and a daughter
I’m a Nurse
I like Texas hold ‘em
Love Softball
Love Golf
List 50 states in alphabetical order in 60 secs
Hair past knees, it got caught in a fan
Bora bora dream vaca
I have two goldfish, Lover and Dover
Spartan x2 (love mud runs)
Favorite car: Chevelle
Scared of fish but I like to catch them
Enjoy mowing and yard work
Always wanted to go whitewater rafting
Not good at Basketball
Kayaking is relaxing to me
Most recent thing I’ve tried is paddleboarding and salmon fishing
I do not like yoga (boring)
Biggest pet peeve: people touching the handrails of escalator. Ewww.
I always wished I could sing pretty
I am always in workout clothes or scrubs, everyday
I received an award in college for perfect attendance