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Treva Finn
Treva Finn REALTOR®/Associate Broker
The Oswalt Team
269 Duesenberg
Auburn, IN 46706

Treva Finn REALTOR®/Associate Broker

Before becoming a Realtor®, I was in Education and Financial Management. Each of these fields helped prepare me well for real estate.

I have always enjoyed teaching, learning, and working with people. I have strong communication skills and believe it is essential in all relationships, especially those involving business. My experience in Financial Management helped strengthen my attention to detail, which is very helpful in real estate.

One of my greatest satisfactions is helping people through the transition process of buying or selling their homes. My goal is to always make this process as smooth and easy as possible!


  1. I love dogs and hope to welcome one to our family
  2. I grew up on a farm. Can you drive a tractor with a clutch? I can!
  3. I am happily married to a wonderful man with a great sense of humor!
  4. I have travelled in 48 states plus Canada and Mexico.
  5. I love to organize things!
  6. I met Oprah Winfrey; we share the same birthday.
  7. I like to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Oregon. What a beautiful state!
  8. I like to read, especially mysteries.
  9. I like to sing, but you would probably be glad if you didn’t ask me to!
  10. I taught many students at DeKalb Central Schools in elementary and middle school and also taught a Freshman class at Northrop High School.
  11. I like to learn new things.
  12. I have a lot of experience with technology. I recently assisted with a major computer conversion for Financial Management.
  13. I love coffee so much that when one of my students put Plaster of Paris in my coffee, I wasn’t quite sure how to get through the morning!
  14. I love to help people.
  15. After graduating from Hamilton High School, I received a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education at IPFW.
  16. I learned to try to live a calm, patient life style from my dad.
  17. My mom helped me develop a strong work ethic.
  18. I love to decorate homes and watch HGTV for ideas on decorating and remodeling.
  19. My bucket list includes traveling to Italy and England and getting a dog.
  20. I am now learning a lot about sports and have been told I have some potential in golf.
  21. I have helped remodel and update numerous homes and love seeing the transformation! I have also been involved with building 2 homes.
  22. My favorite things to shop for are pottery and artwork.
  23. My students knew I really liked kickball. I have been told it doesn’t count as a sport, but I think it should!
  24. I don’t like the idea of flying over the ocean, but I have done it once so far.
  25. Although I have lived most of my life in DeKalb County, I did live in Phoenix, Arizona for about 3 years.
By Greg
“Dave Clark worked very hard to ensure we had a great experience selling our existing home and buying our new home. A++ service!!”
By Camarie
“Everyone was kind and helpful.” – (Treva)
By Larry Williams
Larry Williams, I appreciate the chance to share our extremely positive experience, while using Dave Clark as our F.C.Tucker representative. Dave went far beyond the average sales agent; in that, he helped us not only sell our hot tub but also our tanning bed. He not only advertised, and secured buyers, but handled all of the logistics necessary to remove them from our property. Beyond that, Dave went above and beyond, in that he scheduled multiple Open Houses almost immediately after securing our listing; and sold the house in very short manner.